About me

Main focus for me as a teacher is to be able to teach children the movement, beauty and benefits of dancing. I am a registered dance teacher with the South African Dance Teachers Association (“SADTA”).

My passion is dancing and working with children and when you combine these two elements, the dance evolution begins!

I am a passionate dancer who has been dancing since the age of 6, and love what I do. Whether it is dancing for myself or instructing other students or children. I love to learn new dance styles and actively keep up to date with the latest styles and trends. I always dance to the best of my ability and find great pleasure in improving my dancing.

I love working with children. Its an opportunity for me to develop their interest in dancing and also allows me to give back to the dance culture.

What makes Dance Evolution different?

PASSION I have passion for what we do and for the kids and always strive to give them the best individual attention. Listening to what they are saying and observing their technique to make every individual feel the love and passion for dancing.

VALUES Dance Evolution is based on values and principles that ensure that everyone who participates in the evolution is treated fairly and with respect. I aim to grow and develop their love, and possible career, in dancing.

ETHUSIASM All children have talent, my enthusiasm and excitement will ensure this creativity is released.

COMMITMENT I am committed to giving the children the best experience and dance education available through ongoing development and growth as a teacher.